Soul Beach House & Bungalow – The choice is yours …
be inspired, calmed, rejuvenated, connected, nourished, energized

be inspired

by this home’s uniqueness, a vision of quintessential Sunny Coast meets Palm Springs vibe, amidst a private collection of artifacts and treasures lovingly curated by the owners from all corners of the globe. Share in the raw imperfect beauty and the creativity of the artisans who crafted them.

be nourished

by the natural produce and delicacies on offer on the Sunshine Coast. Live like a local and wander down the street for a freshly brewed coffee by the beach, a French pastry or two, lashings of Italian gelato ice cream and all your holiday grocery needs, or whip up a storm in your own designer kitchen or on the BBQ.

be calmed

by nature inside and out. With lush greenery dotted around inside, grown solely in water, plus established tropical gardens surrounding the home, you will feel surrounded by nature and the calming sounds of local songbirds and wildlife.

be rejuvenated

by the salty water, surf, sun, sea breezes, and sand between your toes, a lazy stroll to the end of the street. A place to breathe, unwind and fully relax.

be connected

reconnect with your loved ones, family, friends and most importantly yourself in a lux carefree casual setting.

be energized

by the adventures and activities literally on your doorstep including surfing, swimming, diving, paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing, boating, fishing, mountain biking, hiking plus so much more.

Meet Tamara

I am a Sunny Coast local, having lived here for most of my life. Growing up in Darwin and leaving at 14 years old on a road trip adventure with my Mum with no fixed destination – we fell in love with the Sunshine Coast as soon as we stumbled across it. With its gorgeous Coastline, greenery, rolling hills, and stunning weather, what’s not to love!! Fast forward a couple of years and this is also where I met my husband, John, and we have raised our two boys Taaj and Sye.

Come to think of it, Soul Beach House & Bungalow has been part of our family longer than our two boys and was bought as our very first property on the Coast all those years ago. This was the beginning of my passion and career in property. After doing a degree and Restoration Ecology specializing in Mine Site Rehabilitation, and working as a Consultant Environmental Scientist in Brisbane (commuting daily from the Sunshine Coast of course), I realized that if I was going to work this hard for someone else, I should work for myself.

With two babies in toe, and John’s loving support, I got myself educated in property, implemented what I learnt, and within 15 months had left environmental consultancy and have been full time property investing, educating and mentoring ever since. And during this journey I discovered my life purpose which is simply… to serve in a way that brings joy to myself and others. Hence the creation of Soul Beach House & Bungalow, a passion project for me, bringing together my four passions:

  • To create accommodation with purpose that adds value to the lives of others.
  • To create positive experiences for people and to remind them to surround themselves with the things they love and that inspires them.
  • To find, collect, and discover the history of unique global treasures, used in every day lives by distant cultures, handmade by traditional artisans.
  • To grow indoor greenery, grown solely in water, for easy care and soul soothing impact.

With its new renovation, this is everything you will find at Soul Beach House & Bungalow – a lux Coastal Getaway with a soulful vibe, with the beach at the end of the street, where you get to kick off your shoes with family and friends, slow down, relax, reconnect, and live like a Sunny Coast local surrounded by tropical lush greenery inside and out. Your hardest decision at Soul Beach House will be whether to get relaxed, or get active and indulge in everything the Coast has to offer, right on your doorstep.

If it is not me that you are dealing with, it will be my amazing assistant Linda, who helps manage Soul Beach House & Bungalow with me. Linda is an equally passionate Coast local, who’s love for life is infectious, as is her laugh, and her loving, caring nature and her commitment to ensuring you have the best stay possible. So if there is anything you need or you need to know while at Soul Beach House & Bungalow……. please just ask, we are here to serve you!

Meet Linda

I manage all facets of your booking and stay at Soul Beach House & Bungalow and am your go-to for recommendations on the best local hot spots for coffee, restaurants and exploring the local beaches, wilderness spots, shopping and getting active on the Sunshine Coast.

I was born in Zambia, Africa but spent most of my younger years in South Australia and Victoria, landing in Geelong where I spent all of my growing up years. The next phase was marrying my husband Chris and raising our two girls Madison and Jessica, in the nearby town of Bannockburn, a one pub town, between Geelong and Ballarat, not far from Melbourne.

Ready for a sea change a number of years ago, we decided to make the move before our eldest daughter started her senior school years. This would be a chance to find a place where my family could leave our footprint in life. The sunny Sunshine Coast was it ………. our place of happiness.

Before my father passed-away, I enjoyed a trip with my parents experiencing countryside England, the vibrance of Paris and the tropical lifestyle of Singapore. My father’s passion for travel carried over to me and I have gained deep cultural experiences from the many happy explorations with great friends and family, travelling the outback of Australia, Victoria, South Australia, and other States over time.

My favourite pastime at Alexandra Headland is swimming at the beach where the water is so clear at times that when you stand still, the fish will come and swim around you inquisitively. If you are lucky you will come across a turtle cruising by! Heading out for a coffee is my next fav thing to do, summer or winter I love finding a great brew from any one of the amazing coffee spots and enjoying the stunning coastline. A must is to pick up your favorite meal, sit on the beach with your toes in the sand, watch the sun go down, the colors of the sky spectacular and constantly changing until the sun sets, then watch the town light up across the seashore.

I love to share my passion for the Sunny Coast region and my depth of knowledge about the best places and activities to check out in the area, including the best kept secrets know to the locals. Please just ask, I’m here to serve you during your lux beachside getaway at Soul Beach House & Bungalow.

Enjoy your stay at Soul Beach House & Bungalow and we look forward to welcoming you back!!

Linda and I look forward to welcoming you to your Coastal Lux Getaway at Soul Beach House & Bungalow!