While enjoying your Lux Coastal Getaway at Soul Beach House & Bungalow, be inspired by the fact that your holiday is helping to provide vital support to vulnerable families in Cambodia.


“A Soulful Gift From You to Them”

Solar power, lighting and maintenance for 10 family homes and provision of on-going maintenance on properties

Install a village drainage system to keep homes dry during the wet season

since 2020

Emergency relief food & essentials for over 40 families

Help plant vegetable gardens to become more self-sufficient

‘Tamara and John donate 5% of Soul Beach House & Bungalow’s earnings to their chosen charity – Raw Impact, who is dedicated to giving a voice to those who have none and creating powerful change in Cambodian villages. The Founders and Directors of Raw Impact –Troy and Nicole Roberts are passionate Australian’s having a truly amazing impact improving the lives of Cambodian families, and we are truly grateful to be able to support them, with your help, in this grass roots on the ground change.

Bringing joy to the lives of others is a true gift and we are so pleased that together we are able to do that.

But don’t take our word for it, hear direct from Raw Impact in the video below, about the difference, we, with your support, are making off the back of our 2020 donation of $4,000.

Certainly if you would like to donate directly to Raw Impact we would love you to do so.

Huge heartfelt

Thank you, Tamara x